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Scanner Go is a simplified interface to scanning barcodes on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Scanner Go is developed to integrate with other apps on your iOS device, including Filemaker Go, that utilize the x-callback protocol. Any app or website can request Scanner Go to read a bar code and return the barcode data. All this is done through simple URL requests.

Scan and return text to a Web Search:

TRY IT! From your iOS device, click the link below to scan a barcode and automatically find it on ( Scanner Go must be installed on your device)

Use Scanner Go options by including other optional parameters in the address:
sg-camera=FRONT or BACK;
sg-history=YES or NO;

Example: Let’s say you want to open the scanner from your app and go directly to the front camera, then send the results back to a web search-


The return address can be any iPhone recognized URL, including back to your own app or website!

Filemaker Go Example: The following link can be opened from any application with Scanner Go and Filemaker Go installed.  After a result is scanned, Scanner Go will return the result to the DatabaseFilename, run the script ScannerResult, with the result as the script parameter.


More info can be found at

Scanner Go can read many standard barcodes, including UPC, ISBN, EAN, Code128, Code39, and QR codes. It’s code reader engine is built on the open source Z-bar project. Barcode requests are stored and can be used to send results to your app again.

A helpful utility app for consumers and developers.

Happy Scannings!

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  1. Jennifer
    Apr 06, 2012 @ 00:27:04


  2. Ad Hoogeveen
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 19:51:34

    How can i retrieve the result of a scanner-go transaction to the app from where i launched it.
    For example i am on the input field of a website form (say the input of an article number) and i would scan a barcode by scanner-go.
    How do i get the scanner-go result back (the translated barcode data) back into the field of my form?

    • Level Up
      Apr 18, 2012 @ 17:31:07

      Where you send the barcode result back to is determined by the x-success and sg-result parameters. Scanner Go can send the barcode back to a website that utilizes url GET requests. View the google shop example on Scanner Go Protocol

  3. Claus
    Apr 14, 2012 @ 19:30:30

    I have tried many times to use your example with Filemaker GO, but I can only get FMGO to open Scanner Go and scan.
    After the scan, it just shows the history list, eventhough the parameter of no history was set…

    This is the url I open from Filemaker GO:

    My database is named “ScanTest.fp7″ the script is named “ScannerResult”

    On the history list, I can click the arrow and it does go back to Filemaker GO and call the script. However, no script parameter is sent with it…
    I was also expecting that it would return to Filemaker GO directly after scan….

    I tried with iCody, and their sample was working perfectly with this database.
    So I suspect that there is an error in your sample or app…
    Could you please look into it and notify me with a solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    (iCody example:

    • Level Up
      Apr 18, 2012 @ 17:17:05

      The update to Scanner Go 1.1 will solve this problem. Please let us know if you’re successful.

  4. qcode
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 09:15:22

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